Seven years old through 18 years old

Our combonation and intensive classes are designed for dancers age 7 years old and up.

The combo class is ninety minutes long and meets once per week. In the combination class, the dancers are taught the principles and disciplines of ballet, tap and jazz. Combo classes are divided by dancers age and level.

The intensive classes are designed for our dancers who choose to take specific classes that suit their interests. These classes are classified by levels 1 through 5 and are structured to ensure each dancer receives an opportunity to learn at his or her fullest potential.

The dancers are offered classes for ballet, jazz, hiphop, lyrical, tap, and pointe (upon approval). Classes are 50 minutes long and focus on the foundations and technique of each dance form.

To register for our intensive classes, please contact our office to schedule your dancer’s assessment with one of our experienced instructors to ensure your dancer is placed in the correct level.

This year our dancers will be included in the spring recital and are given the option to be included in our performance of the Nutcracker taking place in December.