We strive to maintain a positive and respectful atmosphere at SoZo Dance Academy. If a student is disrepectful to another student, teacher, or staff member, a teacher or staff member will address the situation and speak with a parent if warranted. If a student is disruptive in class, the parent will be called and corrective measures will be discussed.


Communication is extremely important to us. We regularly send out e-mails to keep parents informed and give paper handouts in classes. If you are not receiving our e-mails, please let us know so we can get updated contact information for you. We will also communicate through this website, Facebook, and Instagram.


Winter Weather Closings: SoZo Dance Academy will make a weather closing decision at our discretion. It is important to note, if schools are closed our parking lot and roadway might be clear by the afternoon. If schools are not closed, but there is a chance of a re-freeze, we may close. We will make the decision by 12:00 the day of the questionable weather. The Facebook page will be updated. We will also send out an email and have the phone on hand to answer any calls/texts. As always, please use your discretion when traveling in winter weather. Any cancelled classes will have a make-up day.


Tuition is due by the tenth of each month. If accounts are paid after the tenth of the month, there will be a $15.00 late fee applied to the account balance. There is a $25.00 returned check charge for any checks returned by the bank. August & December will be shortened months of classes but monthly tuition will remain the same. These months help us to keep the Recital Balance & other fees as low as possible. There are no tuition adjustments due to absences.


If for any reason you decide you would like to withdraw your child from class, you must provide a 30 day notice and pay next month's tuition. Recital fees will not be refunded. Classes will not be pro-rated for your absences, planned or unplanned.


1: If you are running late to pick up your child, please call us as soon as possible. This will help us ease a child’s concerns and make sure they are taken care of. 2: In case of emergency, it is imperative that parents make sure that the contact information we have on file is up to date and accurate. 3: If you child has any illness, injury or special needs, is vital that you notify the teacher so that we can monitor a child specifically during class.